NHDSPL Management Group

Core members with voting rights

Tony Plunkett

Wymondley JMI School

DSPL Lead School Headteacher (Fin)


Secondary Headteacher (Letchworth Fin)

Hollie Wells

Highfield Secondary School

Secondary Representative

Kate Emsley

The Priory School

Secondary Representative

Frances Manning

Hitchin Girls School

Secondary Headteacher (Hitchin)

Jane Millett

Weston Way Nursery

Nursery Headteacher (Baldock)

Simon England

Ashwell Primary School

Primary Headteacher (Baldock)

Alex Evans

Pixmore Junior

Primary Headteacher (Letchworth)

Bernadette Holmes

Strathmore School

Primary Headteacher (Hitchin)

Alison Doke

Studland’s Rise First School

Primary Headteacher (Royston)

Julie Pearce

St Mary’s Catholic School

Primary Headteacher (Royston)

Lisa Hall


Special School Headteacher (Fin)

Julie Vernon-Hamilton


ESC Headteacher

Jon Hansford

NH ESC / Behaviour Service

ESC / Behaviour Service (Tri-Partnership)

Robyn McFayden

NH ESC / Behaviour Service

ESC / Behaviour Service (Tri-Partnership)

Sarah Lindus

Behaviour Service

Behaviour Service (Hitchin)

Diane Frainer

York Road Nursery

Early Years Representative (EY)

Leise Cooper

HPCI Parent Representative

Parent Representative

Raine Simcox

Parent Representative

Parent Representative (Fin)

Lucy Godshaw

N Herts College

LD Partnership Manager

Karen Powell

Herts Family Centre

Senior EY Coordinator (Letchworth and Baldock)

Associate members without voting rights

Emma Russell


NHDSPL Delivery Manager

Charlotte Field



Debbie Robins




Letchworth Partnership

Rachel Lambie

NESSie lead coordinator



ISL Area Manager



(Fin – Member of the Finance Group)

Role descriptions for members of the area group

All members will:

  • Provide a perspective on local needs
  • Contribute to the area strategic delivery plan
  • Take collective responsibility for decision making
  • Work within the strategic framework and agreed parameters

Lead School Head and other mainstream Heads

  • Act as commissioners of provision and services on behalf of their area
  • Fulfil role of Chair/Vice chair of group (may be Lead School)
  • Lead DSPL School to manage finance and administration of group
  • Lead School or Chair to sit on the County DSPL Reference Group

Special School Head

  • Represent the special school sector as a whole
  • Participate as a service provider

· Provide perspective on opportunities for developing flexible local provision

  • Identify possible constraints on developments

Early Years Provider

  • Provides early years perspective

Area Manager, ISL

  • Acts as lead local LA officer for DSPL
  • Provide enabling role, giving advice and support to DSPL area group
  • Assist the group to interpret the data and make informed decisions
  • Provide wider county perspective and links with other Areas

ESC Head/Behaviour and Attendance Team Manager

  • Provide overall perspective for behaviour in the area, how well needs are met locally and what developments might be required

EP Team Manager

  • Provide overall perspective for learning difficulties in the area, how well needs are met locally and what developments might be required


  • Provide broad perspective of parental experience
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